Saturday, March 13, 2010

What to say on the First Day?

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

This day started for me when my friend Ari woke me up with a bowl of Cocoa Puffs in her hand. Grubbing away as she was opening the blinds, to make the sun rush in with one goal: To wake my ass up. She failed. But what I love the most about Ari is that she is very persistent and will not give up that easily. She left, finished her cereal, came back and tried once more, but what makes this time different than the first is that she succeeded. The only reason why is because she attacked me with full force with pillows as her weapon of choice. Don't get me wrong. I love to wake up early with her cause we can have such great conversations over a cigarette, outside bathing in the morning air, but there's just something about that bed in Caseys guestroom/rorys room/Drea's inn. It just makes you never want to get up and delivers such amazing dreams. You might think im kidding but believe me, I'm not.

After I got up, we then went on our traditional stroll around the block with no shoes on. You just feel so free without shoes sometimes. We were laughing and lighting our cigs of choice. I'm more of a camel lights type of guy but she's into American Spirits: The Everlasting Cigarette. We then started reminiscing about the night before we all spent together. Me, Ari, and Cassandra Lynn. How we ate an unbelievably good ass grilled cheese from a truck. How we made the most cliche Broadway choreography to the theme song of the Disney show "The Great Adventures of Winnie the Pooh." Everything about last night was equivalent to the word "YES!"

Let me side note real quick: My brother is acting like a valley girl in my room calling me Big Boy in the morning....weird.

Back to where I was. Last night was great and I'll find out that today will be great too. We all agreed on going to Venice Beach and enjoy the indie scene. With drum circles, rasta colors, and the smell of sage everywhere. We then left because Ari (who works at Jamba Juice) had to be in work by 6. We definitely left at 5:40 from Venice Beach with major traffic on the 405. We got to Jamba around 6:30.

After that, Casey and I went back to her house where I took the long-awaited piss Ive been looking forward to having as Casey went straight to her bed and cuddled under her white fluffy blankets (such a casey move). What else happened after that? Oh! my back really started to hurt so I laid on the floor in hopes of the pain to go away as Casey went to take a shower. I ended up leaving back to my house where my grandma and a bunch of her friends are playing poker, drinking coronas, and speaking spanish. I said Hi to everybody and immediately resorted to my room where I can enjoy cuban bread from porto's, a cold icy Dr. Pepper (favorite) and a cigarette. Then all of a sudden, I decided to make a blog and obviously this was the result of it.

If you guys were wondering what made me want to make a blog is because I want to have something to look back to in the future when Im older with wife and kids. Pretty much so I could live in my past without having to leave my future. I think this was a great idea truthfully. I mean what better way is there to talk about your day and let others read about it as well. Well, this is the end of my first day of this new adventure called blogging.

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