Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day Light Savings

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

This day began for me at Midnight. Rushing through the 170 to the 134 to get to Casey's house as soon as possible. The plan for tonight was to go to Club Rage in West Hollywood. But, there was one problem: We lacked the presence of alcohol. I know it's not a huge problem but clubbing is a lot better when you are buzzed. I think we all can agree on that. When I finally got there Casey was still getting ready and the rest of us were on a pursuit for Absolut. It was Ari and I (you guys already know Ari) and also, Ashley and Jovon. Oh, yay! Time to introduce two more friends of mine.

Jovon has been my best friend since 7th grade and Ashley I have known for a while but we became a lot closer around Senior Year. These two are great to be around because when you are with them, it is guaranteed that you will have a wonderful time laughing. So as we are looking for some drank, we find a mandarin vodka bottle owned by Casey's mother, Andrea. We all looked at each other and pondered for good minute. "Why don't we drank that bottle and get her a new one tomorrow!" This is what the plan was. So, we did. We took as many shots as we could, chased it with some good old fashioned Dr. Pepper and left to the club.

Finally, we got there. Paid the $12 dollar coverage fee. Showed proof of age and went straight to the stage to dance our asses off. With sweat on the floor and colorful beaming lights surrounding, we had a really great time. Occasionally, we went to have a cigarette on the patio outside and something interestingly funny happened. What happened was a huge fight between these two white girls and this fine ass (according to Ari) girl with a Mohawk. It was quite the entertainment but sadly was ended by Security with batons. We then went back in for the last song of the night and out of nowhere got bitch slapped by Day Light Savings. We thought it was two when in reality, it was 3 in the morning. You might say that its only an hour but especially after last night, I've realized that an hour can go a really long way.

After we left we went to a 24 hours Subway and I grubbed on an Italian BMT. It took me a while to eat because surprisingly the guy behind the counter forgot to cut my sandwich in half. No but seriously, if you have ever looked at a Subway sandwich that wasn't cut in half. You would think to yourself how much bigger the sandwich looks. It was so overwhelming that I didn't know where to start eating the damn thing. So, as result I had to go ask him to please cut it in half so I can eat my food without being lost and confused. So after spending an hour at Subway we then went on a journey to Valencia to take Jovon home.

So, we get on the freeway from Burbank and exit at Mcbean Ave. in Valencia. Trust me when I say this, this is the most horrible street to drive on. It is so long and boring it makes you want to jump out of the car in hopes that there is another car driving the opposite way to run you over. Maybe in hopes for 3 cars to make sure your goal of killing yourself is accomplished. We make a right into his community and go through gates that kind of remind you of something in a horror movie. Maybe its just me but whatever. We drop him off, said our farewells and continue back to Van Nuys to drop off the persistent Ari you all love and care for.

All I remember from this drive back to the Valley is my eyelids. Because like everyone else, I was knocked out. Casey would of been too if she wasn't driving. We finally got to Ari's house said our goodbyes to one more friend and head back to Burbank with just Ashley, Casey and I. We got to Casey's so fast and Ashley went into the guestroom and went to sleep while Casey and I stayed behind in the car to enjoy some laughs, music, and to have a conversation filled with smoke.

After that we went inside and talked in Casey's room for a bit and at some point (I don't really remember) we fell asleep and I woke up at 2. When I woke up, Casey was still asleep and Ashley was long gone. I went into the kitchen, got myself something to drink, gathered all my belongings and headed outside to my car. This is quite embarrassing but I would love to remember this. My car for some odd reason blew a fuse and now I can't open the two front doors. So, I have to get inside my car though the back door and launch myself into the front seat. Sometimes, I just jump through my window (which i find a lot more fun). After I got into my car, I then left to the gas station next to the freeway entrance to get my a Brisk Ice Tea and a big bag of barbecue POPS. Those chips are so damn good. Then got on the freeway to my house and got home to my mom in the living room, my brother singing loudly in the bathroom, and my grandma talking on the phone in her room. I said hi to everybody, gave kisses on the cheek ( a Cuban thing i guess), and went straight to the kitchen to get my Media Noche ( a Cuban sandwich called Midnight), and of course, a Dr. Pepper. I ate it while watching Knocked Up. I find that movie hilarious but I don't think my mom does.

After that movie was over, we went to Jack in the box so my mom can have something to eat while she watches the movie she's been waiting to see on Lifetime, "Who is Clark Rockefeller?" When the movie was finally over my mom went to sleep, Johnny came over to help my brother, and Elma is laying down on the couch. A quick introduction: My brother is Noel but I call him Noelito (yet another Cuban thing). Johnny is my brother's best friend and also a good friend of mine and Elma also known as La Negra (Cuban thing #3) is the family's best friend.

Now, I am in my room, writing this blog and about to go out there to see what everybody else is doing. So... see you next time!

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