Friday, March 19, 2010

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Ahh, Thursdays. The day I look forward to all week because it's the last day I have school. So, that means it is time to party and time to sleep in. But for now, I have class at 11:20 a.m.

I woke up really late this morning so I had to rush (which is something I usually have to do) to my child development class. I got to school about five minutes before class started. Which is a surprise to me that I actually made it with some time to spare. I went into class, sat down, opened my book, and began to read away. But for some reason when I read a book in class all the words form into one huge letter somehow. I told you it's weird, but maybe it is just because I get so bored that I wish all the pages were just a bunch of colorful pictures with a story behind it. Like a children's book. Oh, how I miss being little.

After class, I went to see Nacolbie and Frankie on Ventura at Colbie's work, which is Jamba Juice. I got there, Colbie was making 30 little drinks, and Frankie was adding up her weekly salary so she can know how much money she'll have for New York. Yes, she is going to New York. Yes, Colbie is going to New York as well. Yes, I am bitter.

I then went to class to come again to a paper on the door with a bunch of signatures. The paper had a scent of "I'm gone, get used to it." So, again, I signed my signature, left, and met back with Frankie. When I finally got Frankie we took a ride to Beverly Hills and stopped by at Aurora's House. Who is another friend of mine. Were not so close but she is a very nice girl. We saw her and had a conversation about exhaustion of some sort (wink wink). Then we went back to the Valley to pass by my house.

When we got to my house, my mom was home and my grandma was knocked out in her room. My mom had such a happy greeting for us. It was like eating a chocolate covered strawberry. Like I said before, I love strawberries. Especially when they are covered in chocolate. I then went to my room and cleaned up. Frankie went outside to play with my dogs Chico, Whisper, and Shiloh. I then joined her outside where we tried for about 30 minutes doing cool tricks with a screwdriver. We failed of course because luck was definitely needed with the type of tricks we were trying to accomplish. After that we went to go meet some people at Crave.

So, Frankie and I got to Crave where we met up the people you already know like Ari, Colbie, and Ashley. But there is an addition today. Desirae (i hope i spelled it right) was also there who is Ashley's sister. We sat there for a while and then Frankie, Nacolbie, and Angel (me) went to go get Jovon from the NoHo Station. After we got Jovon, we went back to Frankie's to have some good old fun with one of my favorite arcade games, Dance Dance Revolution.

We played Dance Dance Revolution for about an hour. It went from daylight to nighttime and we were tired and sweated out by this game. DDR is really a workout. After we were done playing, we watched the prom video Mr. Grinner, who is Frankie's dad, had made. It was nice to watch but stomachs started to rumble with a magnitude of 6.8 so we went to Taco Bell down on Ventura. We ate for a while with Tala, who is another friend of mine from high school. After Taco Bell, some of us went to Mariah's new place for an unexpected kickback. It was Nacolbie, Jovon, Angel (me), Brandy, Mariah (another friend of mine who is crazy as fuck and that is exactly why I love her.), Andrew (an old friend of mine from Millikan who recently came back into my life.), Nathan (Andrew's friend), Lorraine (the puniest girl with a lot of energy), and 2 of her friends named Shawna and Arthur I believe. We all just spent an easy going night with laughs, cigarettes, movies, and jumper cables. Jumper cables because Arthur's car died out and needed a jump (I really hope that is his name.)

Then Nacolbie, Jovon, and I went to Crave. I got my self a delicious Soy Chai Latte with extra Chai and went driving around listening to the world's greatest invention, music. Then we got a call to go back to Mariah's house cause the night was supposedly not over. So, we did. Chilled there for another hour and went to Nacolbie's where Jovon's mom was waiting. Jovon left and Nacolbie and I walked Scooby (her dog) around the block and went inside to her room. There we laid down while watching Mean Girls. Well, we really didn't watch it because we knocked out really quick. Also, the movie was on mute. So this was my day, which was a really good day. I had a lot of fun and I spent it drama free. Which is very beautiful.

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