Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Apple Fridays

March 19th, 2010

There isn't much to say about today since I took the opportunity to sleep in while the day passes away. But, what I will talk about is what happened this night. Well, the parts that stuck out most in my memory banks.

According to my memory, my night started in the hallway of Nacolbie's apartment building. Having a good time with Ari, Jovon, and obviously Nacolbie. While everybody was passing a green apple to get a taste of its sour goodness. I prefer red apples over green apples any day, but apples are good either way.

After that, I am pretty sure we went to go get some food for our souls. I don't really remember what our fast food restaurant of choice was but by default I am going to say TacoBell because that is where we usually decide to go.

After that, all four of us took a trip to Casey's because we all wanted to go to the place where land meets water. This place is called the beach. If you didn't know that then... I don't know what you should do, but you should do something. So, we went to Santa Monica beach and sat down in the sand with the wind blowing in our faces while we all exchanged words. At some point, I had to go pee and had to walk a long mile to find a bathroom and ended up just peeing on the sidewalk (I am so classy). I was gone for a while and didn't realize that my phone was on silent so I walked back to find out that they were looking for me and had a bunch of missed calls/texts. I felt bad because I didn't want them to worry like that but damn! I had to urinate really bad.

After the beach, we had to drop off Colbie and Jovon at Colbie's house. When we got there, we said our goodbyes and gave hugs of passion (not kidding at all). After we left, we went back to Casey's house and spent a little over a hour talking and listening to music in Rogue-y (Casey's car) and then went to sleep.

This night was really good and peaceful.

See you next time... =]

Friday, March 19, 2010

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Ahh, Thursdays. The day I look forward to all week because it's the last day I have school. So, that means it is time to party and time to sleep in. But for now, I have class at 11:20 a.m.

I woke up really late this morning so I had to rush (which is something I usually have to do) to my child development class. I got to school about five minutes before class started. Which is a surprise to me that I actually made it with some time to spare. I went into class, sat down, opened my book, and began to read away. But for some reason when I read a book in class all the words form into one huge letter somehow. I told you it's weird, but maybe it is just because I get so bored that I wish all the pages were just a bunch of colorful pictures with a story behind it. Like a children's book. Oh, how I miss being little.

After class, I went to see Nacolbie and Frankie on Ventura at Colbie's work, which is Jamba Juice. I got there, Colbie was making 30 little drinks, and Frankie was adding up her weekly salary so she can know how much money she'll have for New York. Yes, she is going to New York. Yes, Colbie is going to New York as well. Yes, I am bitter.

I then went to class to come again to a paper on the door with a bunch of signatures. The paper had a scent of "I'm gone, get used to it." So, again, I signed my signature, left, and met back with Frankie. When I finally got Frankie we took a ride to Beverly Hills and stopped by at Aurora's House. Who is another friend of mine. Were not so close but she is a very nice girl. We saw her and had a conversation about exhaustion of some sort (wink wink). Then we went back to the Valley to pass by my house.

When we got to my house, my mom was home and my grandma was knocked out in her room. My mom had such a happy greeting for us. It was like eating a chocolate covered strawberry. Like I said before, I love strawberries. Especially when they are covered in chocolate. I then went to my room and cleaned up. Frankie went outside to play with my dogs Chico, Whisper, and Shiloh. I then joined her outside where we tried for about 30 minutes doing cool tricks with a screwdriver. We failed of course because luck was definitely needed with the type of tricks we were trying to accomplish. After that we went to go meet some people at Crave.

So, Frankie and I got to Crave where we met up the people you already know like Ari, Colbie, and Ashley. But there is an addition today. Desirae (i hope i spelled it right) was also there who is Ashley's sister. We sat there for a while and then Frankie, Nacolbie, and Angel (me) went to go get Jovon from the NoHo Station. After we got Jovon, we went back to Frankie's to have some good old fun with one of my favorite arcade games, Dance Dance Revolution.

We played Dance Dance Revolution for about an hour. It went from daylight to nighttime and we were tired and sweated out by this game. DDR is really a workout. After we were done playing, we watched the prom video Mr. Grinner, who is Frankie's dad, had made. It was nice to watch but stomachs started to rumble with a magnitude of 6.8 so we went to Taco Bell down on Ventura. We ate for a while with Tala, who is another friend of mine from high school. After Taco Bell, some of us went to Mariah's new place for an unexpected kickback. It was Nacolbie, Jovon, Angel (me), Brandy, Mariah (another friend of mine who is crazy as fuck and that is exactly why I love her.), Andrew (an old friend of mine from Millikan who recently came back into my life.), Nathan (Andrew's friend), Lorraine (the puniest girl with a lot of energy), and 2 of her friends named Shawna and Arthur I believe. We all just spent an easy going night with laughs, cigarettes, movies, and jumper cables. Jumper cables because Arthur's car died out and needed a jump (I really hope that is his name.)

Then Nacolbie, Jovon, and I went to Crave. I got my self a delicious Soy Chai Latte with extra Chai and went driving around listening to the world's greatest invention, music. Then we got a call to go back to Mariah's house cause the night was supposedly not over. So, we did. Chilled there for another hour and went to Nacolbie's where Jovon's mom was waiting. Jovon left and Nacolbie and I walked Scooby (her dog) around the block and went inside to her room. There we laid down while watching Mean Girls. Well, we really didn't watch it because we knocked out really quick. Also, the movie was on mute. So this was my day, which was a really good day. I had a lot of fun and I spent it drama free. Which is very beautiful.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hazard City

Wednesday, March 17th, 2010

The hump of the week is finally here. That means that tomorrow is my time to hang out and be with my friends. I'm sorry I look forward to the time where I can just sit back, relax, and be with my loved ones (who aren't my family). Well, they're my family but not blood. You get me. But, as I am writing this blog, I am already getting that warm fuzzy feeling of excitement. Because this weekend, my goal is to get wasted. I'm being really honest when I say I'm chugging a bottle of Patron. Oh Patron, you just understand me so well. Besides my weekend expectations, I had one of my favorite classes today....Geology! No, I'm not being sarcastic. I really love that class. I love classes that teach you by giving scenarios for you to solve all on your own.

My Geology class is from 1 to 4. But, usually I get out a lot earlier than that because I finish the assignments. Which actually happened today. I got there, and she passed out graded worksheets and a progress report. While she is doing that, we have to do our online assignment. Which is this online program called Hazard City. Hazard City is this fake city that has a bunch of problems relating to Natural Disasters. The first assignment I did was calculating the magnitude of an Earthquake and the potential death toll/ damage it would cause. The second assignment was calculating the height of a Tsunami and pretty much it's power. How much damage it would cause, and the count of homes that would be affected by a tsunami of a particular size. But today, we concentrated on Flooding. We had to learn about different Flood Zones and calculate approximately the insurance rate for 3 different homes in different Flooding Zones. I wouldn't say that this assignment was my favorite but it still was fun.

So, I was done with the assignment around 1:40 p.m. but stayed until 2 to wait for my progress report and the rest of my work. My work made me feel good, I didn't have anything under than a B but the progress Report scared the shit out of me. I had a 34.7% in the class. But then I realized that I have 2 assignments missing because I was out of school from being terribly sick. So, once I make up that work (hopefully she'll accept it) I would have a 102% which makes me feel really good cause I wasn't the kid in high school to be having grades like that. So let me brag a little.

After that, I left my class and smoked a cigarette on the way to my car. Talked to a squirrel a long the way (I'm serious) and was close to sweating a river. Today was so hot! I rushed inside my car, blasted the AC and the radio, and left back to my house. When, I got home I ate some great Cuban food made by my grandmother while watching Grey's Anatomy. My mom got me into the show and now I watch it religiously. After I was done eating I took a 2 hour nap (which felt amazing if you were wondering) and had a Cortillito (I think that's how you spell it) which is Cuban coffee with sweetened steamed milk. It's really good and can give you a big burst of energy after the first sip. So, not only did I have a power nap, I also had a power drink. Which is why my overly energized ass can't sleep.

I'm going to read through this real quick and see if I missed anything.

So, I didn't miss anything but I did make a few corrections here and there. So, this was my day and I can't wait to see how tomorrow will be like. Oh! One more thing. I have an announcement for my friend Frankie, who passed her permit test today :)

.: Congratulations Fricker!! I knew you were going to pass!!! :.

That's it for now...

Eating Strawberries

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

Obviously this day started when I woke up this morning. Going to Valley College because I had Child Development at 11:20 a.m. I really enjoy that class, it give you quite an understanding of why you are the way you are in a simple, yet satisfying form. It is such an interesting class and I would recommend anybody to take that class, even if it has nothing to do with their major. After class, I have about a 2 hour break for me to do whatever I want before my next class starts. So, I used my time to give my car a lovely time at the spa, the car wash that is.

I went to the self serve car wash on woodman because since its my own car, I'm going to give it that extra time to make sure every spot is cleaned. I vacuumed the inside, conditioned the leather, air freshened it, and then I went for the exterior. Pre-soaking, tire cleaning, shining, and of course cleaning the windows. When i was done, my car shined like the top of the Chrysler building! Yes, I used a line from Annie the musical. Yes, you may call me a dork. But, it did shine like that and that was my goal.

After the wash I went to my anthropology class to come to a paper on the door with a bunch of signatures from other classmates. Which means that he is not coming in today. I was relieved but at the same time was pissed that I drove my ass to class for him not to be there. Definitely suing for the gas money I wasted. So, since class was not happening today I decided to do something nice. Like taking my dog and running at the park.

So, I went home. Grabbed my dog named Whisper (my dog is deaf sadly so I thought it would be clever to name her Whisper) and headed to the park. While I was heading there I met my mom at Ralph's cause she wanted to see me and asked I asked her if she wanted to come with me. Unfortunately, she couldn't because she didn't want to leave my grandma alone, so instead I asked Erika (my best friend since 7th grade, we haven't talked in the past 3 years but we reconnected, she's such a good friend and we would find ourselves laughing for hours about stupid stuff) and she agreed to go. But first we did a little stuff before we went to the park.

I met her at the Starbucks or Starbux (the way Erika spells it) near her house and we went to this really good Mediterranean place. I forgot what it was called but the food was delicious. After that, we went to her house and ate some strawberries and talked for a bit. Then her mom came by, dropped of some money and we went to the park for a bit.

We got to the park, walked around with my dog for about 2 hours and then headed back to Erika's humble abode. She lives in this cute little back house that I adore. It feels like home when you walk in there. We then ate some more strawberries (i love strawberries) and talked for a bit, then her husband Sebastian came home from work and caught us sleeping together. No, I'm just kidding. It just seemed like what you would expect to read when you see "husband coming home from work..." The real story: Her husband came home from work and we were talking about our Team for the American Cancer Society. Erika put this tea together called Team Tomorrow, where we raise money for cancer research, I'm on this team as well so we were deciding ways to raise money. I had an idea to make this Handball Tournament so we have some fun will fund raising for a cause. In a little over an hour after that I went home. Got on the computer for a bit. Then I went to sleep. This day wasn't that long, I'm usually writing so much but there isn't really anything to say. So that's it!

Now for my next day...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Mr. Lopez

Monday, March 15th, 2010

I woke up early this morning because I had a date with the Ultimate Driving Machine. So, today was the day I was going to get my car fixed at BMW. Where they formally know me as Mr. Lopez. It's really weird to be called that since I barely turn 18 and only refer to older adults as Mr. or Mrs. It just freaky all the way around, a sort of hit of reality that Im getting old.

I drove my car to Van Nuys and Magnolia to the BMW Service Center, left my car around 9 a.m. It is kind of sad, its like leaving your dog at the kennel before you leave to go on a vacation. When you get back you are so excited to go pick it up. But the difference is that I don't have a vacation to look forward to while my car is at the "shelter." So I signed my signature said goodbye to my baby and left to wait at the bus stop for my mom to pick me up.

While I was at the bus stop I finished the song I've been working on for a while. Its been about 4 months now. I should rephrase that sentence actually. I wasn't working on it that whole time but I stopped and now I went back to it and finished what I started. Its a song about Casey and Ari and Shane. Shane is an amazing dancer and is also the new addition to the trinity. Which isnt a trinity now because we have Shane! Besides the point, its a song about them, how we need to stay together through our lives even when we get to the same destination that I know we all will get to.

After that my mom finally picked me up and we went to this house. We've been here for a while and I still haven't gotten a call saying "Mr. Lopez your car is ready." So at this point I'm annoyed and stressed out because I have school at 6:30 (music 111) and it doesn't seem like I'm going to get my car anytime soon. So what do I do? I smoke my last cigarette. Then, what do I do? I drive to go get more cigarettes.

I went to this cigarette place on Moorpark called Discount Cigarettes. My friend Brandy (another close friend of mine, we went through a whole lot of shit but in the end stayed close and that's what's important) was there and we talked for bit with some guys from Champs and went on a "Follow The Leader" trip back to the house where my mom is. We got there, and my mom automatically assumed that Brandy being there was a "secret" plan. But, there wasn't. It actually was a coincidence. If it wasn't a coincidence then I would of called her anyway.

Afterwards, my mother dearest went home, Brandy and I took a quick trip to Mcdonalds where she ordered a "double with no pickles." I don't know why but I found that hilarious. I guess it is the way she said it. We got home. Ate our food while watching American Idol. Then I finally got the "Mr. Lopez, your car is ready" call and my mom took me and I went to pick up my baby. Vacation was over. Got in my car, gave it a little hug and a little tap and said "I Missed You" so sincerely. I then rushed home because I had a quiz to study for and class started in 45 minutes. Now Im about to leave and might stop to see Frankie and Nacolbie. "Are you going to introduce them too?!" Im glad you asked. Frankie also known as Fricker is my beloved friend that I love and cherish with all my heart and Nacolbie/ Kappokie/ Colbie/ Glam.I.Rock. is also another beloved friend of mine and I literally can say its an inspiration just to know her. She is a great artist and will, I repeat, WILL make it big someday very soon. If you want to take a listen to her music go to itunes and just type in Glam.I.Rock.

Thats it for today guys, so Ill see you tomorrow.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Day Light Savings

Sunday, March 14th, 2010

This day began for me at Midnight. Rushing through the 170 to the 134 to get to Casey's house as soon as possible. The plan for tonight was to go to Club Rage in West Hollywood. But, there was one problem: We lacked the presence of alcohol. I know it's not a huge problem but clubbing is a lot better when you are buzzed. I think we all can agree on that. When I finally got there Casey was still getting ready and the rest of us were on a pursuit for Absolut. It was Ari and I (you guys already know Ari) and also, Ashley and Jovon. Oh, yay! Time to introduce two more friends of mine.

Jovon has been my best friend since 7th grade and Ashley I have known for a while but we became a lot closer around Senior Year. These two are great to be around because when you are with them, it is guaranteed that you will have a wonderful time laughing. So as we are looking for some drank, we find a mandarin vodka bottle owned by Casey's mother, Andrea. We all looked at each other and pondered for good minute. "Why don't we drank that bottle and get her a new one tomorrow!" This is what the plan was. So, we did. We took as many shots as we could, chased it with some good old fashioned Dr. Pepper and left to the club.

Finally, we got there. Paid the $12 dollar coverage fee. Showed proof of age and went straight to the stage to dance our asses off. With sweat on the floor and colorful beaming lights surrounding, we had a really great time. Occasionally, we went to have a cigarette on the patio outside and something interestingly funny happened. What happened was a huge fight between these two white girls and this fine ass (according to Ari) girl with a Mohawk. It was quite the entertainment but sadly was ended by Security with batons. We then went back in for the last song of the night and out of nowhere got bitch slapped by Day Light Savings. We thought it was two when in reality, it was 3 in the morning. You might say that its only an hour but especially after last night, I've realized that an hour can go a really long way.

After we left we went to a 24 hours Subway and I grubbed on an Italian BMT. It took me a while to eat because surprisingly the guy behind the counter forgot to cut my sandwich in half. No but seriously, if you have ever looked at a Subway sandwich that wasn't cut in half. You would think to yourself how much bigger the sandwich looks. It was so overwhelming that I didn't know where to start eating the damn thing. So, as result I had to go ask him to please cut it in half so I can eat my food without being lost and confused. So after spending an hour at Subway we then went on a journey to Valencia to take Jovon home.

So, we get on the freeway from Burbank and exit at Mcbean Ave. in Valencia. Trust me when I say this, this is the most horrible street to drive on. It is so long and boring it makes you want to jump out of the car in hopes that there is another car driving the opposite way to run you over. Maybe in hopes for 3 cars to make sure your goal of killing yourself is accomplished. We make a right into his community and go through gates that kind of remind you of something in a horror movie. Maybe its just me but whatever. We drop him off, said our farewells and continue back to Van Nuys to drop off the persistent Ari you all love and care for.

All I remember from this drive back to the Valley is my eyelids. Because like everyone else, I was knocked out. Casey would of been too if she wasn't driving. We finally got to Ari's house said our goodbyes to one more friend and head back to Burbank with just Ashley, Casey and I. We got to Casey's so fast and Ashley went into the guestroom and went to sleep while Casey and I stayed behind in the car to enjoy some laughs, music, and to have a conversation filled with smoke.

After that we went inside and talked in Casey's room for a bit and at some point (I don't really remember) we fell asleep and I woke up at 2. When I woke up, Casey was still asleep and Ashley was long gone. I went into the kitchen, got myself something to drink, gathered all my belongings and headed outside to my car. This is quite embarrassing but I would love to remember this. My car for some odd reason blew a fuse and now I can't open the two front doors. So, I have to get inside my car though the back door and launch myself into the front seat. Sometimes, I just jump through my window (which i find a lot more fun). After I got into my car, I then left to the gas station next to the freeway entrance to get my a Brisk Ice Tea and a big bag of barbecue POPS. Those chips are so damn good. Then got on the freeway to my house and got home to my mom in the living room, my brother singing loudly in the bathroom, and my grandma talking on the phone in her room. I said hi to everybody, gave kisses on the cheek ( a Cuban thing i guess), and went straight to the kitchen to get my Media Noche ( a Cuban sandwich called Midnight), and of course, a Dr. Pepper. I ate it while watching Knocked Up. I find that movie hilarious but I don't think my mom does.

After that movie was over, we went to Jack in the box so my mom can have something to eat while she watches the movie she's been waiting to see on Lifetime, "Who is Clark Rockefeller?" When the movie was finally over my mom went to sleep, Johnny came over to help my brother, and Elma is laying down on the couch. A quick introduction: My brother is Noel but I call him Noelito (yet another Cuban thing). Johnny is my brother's best friend and also a good friend of mine and Elma also known as La Negra (Cuban thing #3) is the family's best friend.

Now, I am in my room, writing this blog and about to go out there to see what everybody else is doing. So... see you next time!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What to say on the First Day?

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

This day started for me when my friend Ari woke me up with a bowl of Cocoa Puffs in her hand. Grubbing away as she was opening the blinds, to make the sun rush in with one goal: To wake my ass up. She failed. But what I love the most about Ari is that she is very persistent and will not give up that easily. She left, finished her cereal, came back and tried once more, but what makes this time different than the first is that she succeeded. The only reason why is because she attacked me with full force with pillows as her weapon of choice. Don't get me wrong. I love to wake up early with her cause we can have such great conversations over a cigarette, outside bathing in the morning air, but there's just something about that bed in Caseys guestroom/rorys room/Drea's inn. It just makes you never want to get up and delivers such amazing dreams. You might think im kidding but believe me, I'm not.

After I got up, we then went on our traditional stroll around the block with no shoes on. You just feel so free without shoes sometimes. We were laughing and lighting our cigs of choice. I'm more of a camel lights type of guy but she's into American Spirits: The Everlasting Cigarette. We then started reminiscing about the night before we all spent together. Me, Ari, and Cassandra Lynn. How we ate an unbelievably good ass grilled cheese from a truck. How we made the most cliche Broadway choreography to the theme song of the Disney show "The Great Adventures of Winnie the Pooh." Everything about last night was equivalent to the word "YES!"

Let me side note real quick: My brother is acting like a valley girl in my room calling me Big Boy in the morning....weird.

Back to where I was. Last night was great and I'll find out that today will be great too. We all agreed on going to Venice Beach and enjoy the indie scene. With drum circles, rasta colors, and the smell of sage everywhere. We then left because Ari (who works at Jamba Juice) had to be in work by 6. We definitely left at 5:40 from Venice Beach with major traffic on the 405. We got to Jamba around 6:30.

After that, Casey and I went back to her house where I took the long-awaited piss Ive been looking forward to having as Casey went straight to her bed and cuddled under her white fluffy blankets (such a casey move). What else happened after that? Oh! my back really started to hurt so I laid on the floor in hopes of the pain to go away as Casey went to take a shower. I ended up leaving back to my house where my grandma and a bunch of her friends are playing poker, drinking coronas, and speaking spanish. I said Hi to everybody and immediately resorted to my room where I can enjoy cuban bread from porto's, a cold icy Dr. Pepper (favorite) and a cigarette. Then all of a sudden, I decided to make a blog and obviously this was the result of it.

If you guys were wondering what made me want to make a blog is because I want to have something to look back to in the future when Im older with wife and kids. Pretty much so I could live in my past without having to leave my future. I think this was a great idea truthfully. I mean what better way is there to talk about your day and let others read about it as well. Well, this is the end of my first day of this new adventure called blogging.